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OIL COUNTRY TUBULAR GOODS (OCTG) are a family of seamlessly rolled products consisting of drill pipes, casing and tubing subjected ...

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Line Pipe

PT. NUSANTARA INDO LOGISTIK BATAM delivers a wide range of seamless pipe for line pipe projects suitable for the toughest and most ...

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Drill Pipe

Drill pipes are steel tubulars fitted with threaded ends called tool joints, which are commonly used in tension in the top part of the drill ...

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Latest Blog Post

Definition and History of ...

  • 01 November 2020
  • By Admin

Pipe is a round sleeve used to flow fluid / liquid or gas. The term pipe is usually confused with the term tube, but usually ...

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What is OCTG pipe and what ...

  • 01 November 2020
  • By Admin

OCTG is something that is very important and definitely needed in every oil, gas and geothermal drilling. OCTG stands for Oil Country ...

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Difference of Pipe and Tube

  • 01 November 2020
  • By Admin

The terms pipe and tube are often confused, although they both have the same function to flow fluids, pipes and tubes have very ...

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