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We provide the BEST quality products and services!


Having a broad manufacturing product experience, has made PT. NUSANTARA INDO LOGISTIK BATAM the best filtration source provider for your every requirement need in both oil and gas and non-oil and gas applications since 2015.

In the oil and gas application, PT. NUSANTARA INDO LOGISTIK BATAM is the only Indonesian filter/screen manufacture that is able to offer you with the proper type of filtration/screen that can improve efficiencies in sand control completion and eventually optimize reservoir performance.

While, in the non-oil and gas application, through innovative and reliable solutions, PT. NUSANTARA INDO LOGISTIK BATAM is also able to offer a broad range of filter type that can be a good match to various industry applications. PT. NUSANTARA INDO LOGISTIK BATAM offers robust and sophisticated products, that will lead to optimum productivity achievement in your industry activities.